Prior Army Officer with the 1-505 Parachute Infantry Regiment at the 82nd Airborne, James also has experience working in Iraq as a Field Service Engineer on Electronic Counter Measure equipment that was used to thwart Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RC-IEDs) threats.

After the military, he went back to school for an MBA and thrusted himself into Corporate America working at firms like Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Investments and Capital One Securities as a financial advisor, trader and technical analyst.

He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and along the way, has built and ranked many websites and has started a few online businesses. 

James enjoys being outside, moving his body and having authentic interactions outside the confines of the politically correct corporate world.

Always looking for a new challenge, James started offering his unique ranking and lead generation service to local businesses.

In his free time, James enjoys running, hiking and anything outdoors. His recent interest in thru-hiking has him staring down the Pacific Crest Trail.

His motto is “Be not afraid of moving slowly, but of standing still”.

He hopes to see all of you out here one day living life as you see fit. By your own rules. By your own definition of success. Love, peace and health to you all.



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